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Louise Levy Therapy Services - Therapy You Can Trust.
Integrative Therapist for Adults, Couples and Young People.

Louise Levy MA(Acrdt), DipCAH, DipCBH, HPD, Master PNLP, Adv DipLC, PG DipCG, BTFT, MNCH(Acc), SQHP GHR, SIRPA(Adv) DPLT,
GHR Acknowledged Clinical Supervisor

Hypnotherapy  CBT   Guidance Counselling  Coaching    NLP    

Change unwanted behaviours, beliefs and habits with my support

Let's talk 
Call now for a 10 minute, complimentary, no obligation telephone consultation.
What you will find when you call me:
As a prospective patient or client, I want to ensure that I am the best therapist to help you, so an exploration of your condition or situation is the best place to start. I can a
lso clear up any concerns or misconceptions you may have about therapy. Already tried therapy without success? Not a problem, I regularly see patients who've tried everything else.

Ways to arrange an appointment:
Telephone 07984 011429

email info@louiselevy.co.uk
email: info@louiselevy.co.uk
or request a call back. 

You don't have to see the whole stair case, just take the first step

Top 10 reasons why people choose me and recommend me as their therapist time after time! Not all therapists are the same:

Consistent Five Star Reviews
Professional Service Environment
Confidential DRB, ICO Registered
Non Judgemental
Positive Rapport
Senior Registered Accreditations
Highly Recommended Reputation 
Results Speak For Themselves!

Why choose me as your therapist? Quite simply I have built up a reputation within the field as being a top highly respected therapist. I am commited to using all my expertise to support you with improving your health and happiness.  Unlike many other therapists I do not consult from home. Instead I use the most condusive professional environment for your sessions. All sessions take place out of  Lily House Consulting Rooms. I am prepared to throw in all my energy to help you understand how to become more successful at managing your life than you already are by focussing on the gaps as to what's holding you back. Together we will bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to get to and what's more make it empowering for you, so that each time you leave my sessions you are feeling one step closer towards achieving your goal. - How many sessions will you need? Well that depends on you, you'll know when you're there, but traditionally I see people for just 5 or 6 sessions, so pretty short term by comparison to old school psychotherapy.

'Do I really need a therapist?
In today's stressful world there a very few people that can say they are completely fixed.  Your mental health and well being is equally, if not more important than your physical health, from my experience of treating 100's of patients you really can't have one without the other.

Imagine for a moment what your life will look like once you feel better, suffer less pain, feel healthier, stop worrying and crying, feel more relaxed, confident, motivated and fulfilled enough to live the life you've always wanted and simply just feel HAPPIER because when you boil it right down, that's all people want!

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Delivering A Five Star Service. *****
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Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist                                                    

Cognitive Hypno-Psychotherapist Hypno-CBT

Certified Master NLP Practitioner/ CBT Life Coach

TMS (Tension Myoneural Stress Illness Specialist)SIRPA 
 and Clinical Supervisor SIRPA 

Careers Guidance Counsellor (PG Dip)     

GHR Acknowledged Clinical Supervisor

QPR Registered Gatekeeper for Suicide Prevention

Part Time Lecturer / Course Tutor in Counselling and Hypnotherapy (Chrysalis Training)



If you are looking for a senior highly recommended, certified, registered therapist in East London / Essex  that is qualified in all of the most cutting edge forms of therapy i.e. Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Hypno-Psychotherapy, CBT, NLP, Guidance Counselling, Life Coaching and TFT then you've come to the right place. My website is laid out to be quick and easy for you to find out how I can best support you. Simply click on the links above or on the left side tool-bar for specific details of the treatment programme that best suits your needs.

I pride myself on consistently receiving 5* reviews and testimonials in all of my business listings. Read what my past patients say about me by clicking the links below.
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 email: info@louiselevy.co.uk

Offering one to one therapy, guidance and support in South Woodford London E18, held within a calm, professional setting with a welcoming reception area.Serving East London, North London, Central London, Essex and the Home Counties of Greater London.
Make peace with your past, gain insight into your current situation and turn your future dream goals into reality.

Ready to take the next step?    Telephone 07984011429

Remember, you only fail if you give up too soon

All face to face appointments will take place in the comfort of
Lily House Consulting Rooms

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"Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass....
It's about learning to dance in the rain"  
Vivian Green

The therapeutic Process has a beginning, middle and an end
Beginning - You take responsiblity - being corageous enough to admit to yourself you need support and getting in touch today. Telephone 07984011429  info@louiselevy.co.uk

Offering you a safe space in which to explore your feelings, face challenges and gain long term benefits towards personal growth, seeing things from a different perspective, changing your thoughts, feelings and behaviour for the better

Sensing that you have achieved what you set out to do, reaching your desired goal, having gone through the tunnel, and come out the other side, feeling lighter and brighter.
What to expect after you've contacted me. 
The next step, when you decide to go ahead, is to arrange an appointment to see me at Lily House Consulting Rooms, either face to face or via
SKYPE. This is the stage where I aim to get a really good, detailed understanding as to what is going on for you in order to help you. Following this session I will devise a treatment plan using the most appropriate techniques and our steps toward your ideal outcome begins. 

info@louiselevy.co.uk  Top London Based Clinical and Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate - Carl Jung
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