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Careers Guidance with Louise Levy PG dipCG 
(Post Graduate Degree In Careers Guidance)

I have over 20 years professional experience as a Careers Adviser with Connexions and the Careers Service, offering Career Counselling, Information, Advice and Guidance in schools, colleges, and privately. 

Supporting both young people from age 11 plus and adults.

Careers advice information and guidance offered face to face, by SKYPE, Telephone and email

Do you need advice about what qualifications you need and how to train in a specific area of work?

Are you fed up with your current job and wishing you could re-train to do something you're really passionate about?

People are often confused as to what it is they really want out of their career. With the average person spending 40 plus hours per week at work (far more than at home) and working until they reach retirement, it is an important decision and often one that is overlooked when we are young through no, little or inappropriate advice, it is not uncommon for people to drift into a career which proves to be unfulfilling years down the line.

Many people then become stuck in this career due to financial commitments and personal circumstances.

There is however a way to ensure that through professional guidance and counselling, you end up doing what it is that is not only most suited to your personality, but also to your learning style.

There are three main areas of career choice and you will often be aware of a leaning of preference towards one area and even a strong dislike of another...... this is a really good place to start:

Where does your interest lie?

  • Working with People by either caring, advising, helping, selling, teaching, organising, or supervising
  • Working with information by either storing, extracting or organising
  • Working with things, by either practically, designing, moving or creating

If you are faced with concerns over any of the headings below then I can offer you a high level of professional support to help you out of the trap and uncertainty through either:

  • In-depth career counselling if you are confused and unsure as to what's right for you  or
  • Straight forward information advice and guidance if you know what it is you want to do:

Support available to Teenagers age 13 Plus and Adults:                                     

GCSE, A Level or BND Choice       

University Choice  

UCAS Personal Statements                        

Career Choice 

Graduate Entry Employment

Career Change / Retraining


Unemployment / Job Hunting Skills

I can in addition, offer you support with preparing a CV, Application Forms and Mock Interviews.

As a registered member with Morrisby, certified with the British Psychological Society, I am also fully qualified to administer, deliver and feed back psychometric tests, these give an extremely accurate indication of the type of work which suits you best. Further information can be found at www.morrisby.com

Corporate group bookings available on request.

If you're finding it hard to get motivated out of bed in the mornings, chances are you're in the wrong job!

'Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life' 

Mark Twain


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