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What exactly is EMDR?
Eye Movement De-Sensitisation and Reprocessing
is commonly referred to as EMDR. The EMDR method of psychotherapy is clinically trialed and was developed by Francine Shapiro in 1987 and is widely used in the treatment of trauma and stress.

What types of trauma and stress can benefit?
Abuse (Emotional, physical and sexual)
Panic Attacks
Unpleasant memories associated with people, places, situations etc
Weight gain when it is emotionally linked.
It is also highly effective at boosting confidence and self-esteem

Processing disturbance: What happens when we experience trauma?
In simple terms, when a person is very upset, their brain does not process information as it does ordinarily. Heightened memories become frozen in our minds and to this, we attach certain people, situations, sounds, sights and feelings, in fact, all our senses become aroused. That is why you may sometimes recall an event based on when you smell or feel something familiar.

These 'freeze frames' become frozen in our memory and we struggle to let them go by ourselves.

How can EMDR Help?
EMDR is used to erase the associated senses of images, sounds and feelings etc so that when the event is brought to mind it no longer causes an emotional disturbance. You will still remember the event that is important to understand but the 'heat' will have been removed. In other words, this totally safe, yet effective, gentle therapy can help you see the same situation in a different way when it is recalled from your memory.

How many sessions am I likely to need?
Most people typically have between 2 - 6 sessions

Can it be combined with other forms of therapy?
Yes EMDR works extremely effectively when combined with Clinical Hypnosis CBT Hypno-Psychotherapy and NLP

How can I find out if I am suitable?
Give me a call for a free, no obligation telephone consultation on 07984011429


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