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What would you be feeling, thinking and doing differently that would tell you that things were changing in a positive way?
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              Hypno-Psychotherapy (HCBT) Explained

  • HCBT is an integrative and technically eclectic psychotherapy. It combines traditional hypnotherapy with techniques and concepts from cognitive behavioural therapy in a similar way that clinical hypnotherapy (Hypno-Analysis which addresses past issues) traditionally combines hypnotherapy with techniques and concepts from psychoanalytic therapy.


  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is a simple yet highly effective psychotherapeutic approach that aims to identify and monitor any thoughts, assumptions, beliefs and behaviours that are accompanied by debilitating negative emotions. In essence those which are dysfunctional, inaccurate, problematic or simply unhelpful. This is done in an effort to replace them with more realistic and useful ones. This technique does not require looking back into the past as it is focusing on the here and now and desirable outcomes of the future.


  • Hypnotherapy is then used to reinforce gained knowledge and understanding to the point that new, more helpful and positive insight has been identified and accepted. Once the client demonstrates 100% commitment to believing their new pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviour, these 'healthy seeds' are then sown into unconscious mind with the power of direct positive suggestions from the therapist and focused attention from the client.


  • Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is evidence based. This means there have been many successful clinical studies produced that demonstrate by combining the theory and practice of both hypnotism and psychotherapy you get the best results. Controlled studies have proved this to be one of the most cutting edge and effective ways of achieving rapid results with 70% of clients experiencing more improvements than when having CBT alone.


  • HCBT is brief and time limited. This is known as a solution focused technique. The most sessions you are likely to need is 5 -6


  • HCBT is collaborative. It values co-operation between the therapist and the client. The therapist's role is to listen, teach and encourage. The client's role is to put into practice all that is taught, in order to measure your success.


  • Cognitive restructuring, psycho re-education and challenging questioning are all important features of HCBT. This is the first step towards changing how you allow things to affect you through your own thinking.


  • Activity based homework assignments are a central feature of HCBT. These are usually short, straight forward exercises that allow you measure your own improvement safely, easily and effectively.


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