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        Louise Levy OldPain2Go Certified Practitioner

Do you have old pain that is more than 3 months old?

Pain is manufactured in the brain and transmits a signal to the part of you that is most vulnerable.

Did you know that muscles, ligaments and nerves have a memory that can get triggered?

Allow me to guide you to switch off that old pain signal. You do the work on yourself under my guidance. I will act as a translator and mediator between the different aspects of your mind that controls your pain signals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which part of my mind do you work with?
We work with both the conscious and sub conscious

Do I need to be hypnotised?
No trance is not needed as it is a simple process of discussion and 'Brain Bargaining'
In simple terms I convince your unconscious to act in your best interests to switch off those old outdated pain s
ignals. Rest assured it will do this only if it is safe and effective to do so.

How many sessions will I need?
Typically one sesion is all you need

Is it safe? What about if I hurt myself in the future?
No part of you gets made numb, so when new pain signals are required, for example if you were to accidently cut yourself or fall over and break a bone you would notice it as normal and seek medical help, in this way old pain does not mask new pain.

OldPain2Go What pain can it help with?
Carpal Tunnel
Foot Pain (Planter Facilitis)
Knee Pain
Leg Pain
Migraine Triggers
Back Muscular Pain
Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain (Frozen Shoulder)

Call now to find out more 07984011429
What have you got to lose?



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