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The following are just a few of the five star reviews that I regularly receive from past patients. 

I started seeing Louise on a weekly basis a while ago and from the start she has been so patient, professional, kind, informative and compassionate. She takes the time to listen and support me on my journey back to better health and I am certainly seeing benefits from her input.
I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any of my friends or family if they wanted to see a therapist.

Anxiety Relief
Louise is empathetic, caring and really put me at ease. Louise gave me time to talk things through and the hypnotherapy really helped me overcome the anxieties I have been experiencing.
I would highly recommend Louise’s outstanding practise. I experienced a first class, professional service that was tailored to my individual needs.

Stress Management 
I have seen Louise for a few things over the last 5 years related to my mind. As a businessman I have faced many challenges over the years and Louise is absolutely great at understanding the impact of stress on the body & how it manifests itself in varies ways.
Traditionally we are conditioned to go to the Doctors to solve these issues, now my first thought anytime something is wrong with me is Am I Stressed.
I can't speak highly enough of Louise & her great knowledge of the human mind. I have referred many people to her & continue to do so.​​​​​​​

I Passed! - So Happy
I went to see Louise 7 years ago to help me with blushing and anxiety. throughtout the hypnotherapy sessions, Louise helped me to understand my triggers and I was able to deal with them. Louise gave me the tools to help myself and taught me how to do self-hypnosis which I use to re-centre myself.

I went to see Louise again on Friday as I had an exam on Saturday. Due to failing the maths exam twice and if I failed it a third time I would lock myself out of teacher training for two years. I had built it up so much that's I was full of anxiety and fear of failing. 
The hypnotherapy session with Louise was fantastic and she helped me to clear my mind, believe in myself and relax. 
Whilst taking my exam I was able to push the pressure of having to pass away and I was able to focus clearly on the questions. 
I passed the exam!! :0) 
Thank you so much, Louise x

Fear of flying -Amazing
I went to Louise for a fear of flying. I found after only a couple of sessions she really calmed me down and was very quick to understand me and giving me coping techniques to overcome my fear which I did. I also feel that Louise has been amazing always there for words of guidance I would strongly recommend her.

Amazing Louise!
Louise is a gentle well informed practioner. Trusting, caring and motivational.
Her own experiences in life was what attracted me to her practise. The tools and information learned will help me for the rest of my life.
Thank you.

Stress /Anxiety 'Thanks Louise'
After seeing Louise I feel so much lighter and no longer have the weight of worry about my issues weighing me down. I have been left with some tools that I use regularly and am a lot happier and feel strong enough to work through future challenges!

Food Addiction 'In control'!
Since seeing Louise I have learnt to take control of the issues I had regarding food which have plagued me for years and am now achieving the weight loss that has been so difficult in the past. Louise is easy to talk to, sympathetic and highly professional and I would wholeheartedly recommend her.

Thank you
Louise made me feel at ease from the start and was very understanding. It was the good reviews that led me to her and as she has led me to have a deeper understanding of myself, I feel indebted to her and wish to echo the positive experience others have had working with Louise. The techniques I have learnt have helped me deal with life's challenges with confidence and assurance that I didn't have before. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone and feel sure her expertise can help others overcome a range of issues.

Emotional Pain
Louise literally helped me to see the light. Firstly, to truly understand the psychological roots of my chronic pain. Secondly, to uncover and deal with the unsaid emotions and unhandled life situations which were adding fuel to the fire of my pain.
Amazing work, back on track. Thanks Louise :-)

So happy I can smile again! - Priceless
I don’t know how she did it but after seeing Louise Levy last Friday I went home put my teeth in and I was absolutely fine. No gagging whatsoever. I have been keeping them in all the time now. Going out and eating in them-it is amazing. When I came to Louise for hypnotherapy I was desperately trying to wear my new false teeth without gagging. I had very negative thoughts thinking it would not work and cannot believe what has happened after just one visit it is amazing. I had a dental appointment yesterday and my Dentist was most impressed as he knew how bad I was. I hope you don’t mind Louise but they have put your contact details onto their computer so that any other patients with my problem can contact you.I am going to the O A P
Christmas party today and I feel so happy that I can wear my teeth and “Smile”.
Thank you Louise for helping me. If ever I have any problems I shall come to you.

Thank you Louise
Louise is a very experienced therapist. She listened without judgment, gently guided me to see the root of the problems and taught me techniques to deal with them. I always felt much more positive and light-hearted after each session. Thank you Louise.

Emotional Wreck 'Thank you Louise'
When I first met Louise I was an emotional wreck, I really wasn't feeling myself at all. 
I was recommemded to Louise, when I met her she instantly made me feel at ease, she didn't judge me at all. 
I had 6 hypnotherapy sessions in all and I can honestly say I am 100% better/happier and back to thinking/feeling like me again. 
Thank you again Louise!

Depression - 'Amazing Tranformation'
After just 4 sessions with Louise, my teenage son has been transformed from a nervous depressed state back to his old fun loving self. 

He spent 18 months feeling unwell / nauseus, sleeping badly, hardly eating and struggling to go out for fear of actually being unwell.

With Louise's help, he is now working hard, sleeping and eating normally and really enjoying life.

Wish we hadn't waited so long so seek help!
I highly recommend Louise Levy.

Fibromyalgia - 'Life Changing! I'm so much happier!'
I first went to Louise because I was suffering from fibromyalgia and wanted some support in controlling my pain. Louise explained to me that my pain was actually caused by my negative and repressed emotions. We addressed how unhappy I was at work and at home and what was holding me back from making changes. Louise used a combination of hypnotherapy CBT and coaching to help me work through issues of low self esteem and not feeling able to express myself. Words can't express how grateful I am,I can't thank Louise enough. I now no longer dwell on negative thoughts and feel so much more assertive and confident at work. The best thing is that I'm now completely free from pain. I can't thank Louise enough she literally gave me my life back. The best money I ever spent.

You put the fun back into motherhood!
We contacted Louise Levy late in 2015 because we have an eight year old son who is autistic and was struggling with anxiety issues and was displaying some of the early signs of OCD. 
Though our son had had some counselling before, he'd never really enjoyed the process and we'd struggled to find someone and somewhere where he felt comfortable enough to relax and talk about the things that were 
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I went to see Loiuise because in the past I have suffered bad stage nerves. She is an excellent listener and came up with a treatment plan quickly. I only saw her 4 times after my initial assessment and, after my last treatment, I didn't know if it had worked. I am pleased to say it did! I have just completed a 17 performance run in Panto and thoroughly enjoyed it, nothing but a slight flutter (which you need) Thank you Louise, you certainly put the fun back into it for me. 

Plantar Fascitis
I 'stumbled' across Louise in a desperate attempt to help a very painful condition I had called Plantar Fasciitis. Since October last year I have been a prisoner in my home, unable to walk without being in tremendous and crippling pain. In just 5 short sessions Louise has transformed my life. I am now able to enjoy regular walks again and my feet are feeling so much better. Louise is professional, approachable, understanding and warm. She managed to cut through years of issues in a clear and swift approach that really worked for me. I would highly recommend Louise to anyone who needs help. I can't praise her highly enough. Thank you Louise. 

Low Self Esteem to Confident Woman
My experience with Louise has turned out to be very positive. In just 6 sessions, so many issues have been tackled successfully, these would have taken many months or possibly years of psychotherapy. Limiting beliefs have been dissolved, confidence and self worth has emerged. Friends and family have noticed a big change in me. I highly recommend Louise.

Very understanding
Louise makes you feel at ease, anybody thinking of going to see Louise I would highly recommend! really lovely lady and very good at her job.

I started having back problems in my teens. Three decades later I was still suffering and was having a particularly bad bout when I came across the work of Dr John Sarno and his theory of TMS. Despite TMS being relatively unknown in this country, Louise was one of a handful of therapists who understood the theory and, amazingly, her clinic was located very close to me in London. 
To cut a long story short, Louise was the catalyst that kick-started my pain management. She was patient with me as I struggled to come to terms with my condition having a strong emotional component and she gave me many useful and practical tools that I continue to work with. My improvement  but 5 months since first seeing Louise and working with her though the SIRPA recovery programme,  I am confident that I am finally on the right track. 
I highly recommend Louise, especially to anyone suspecting a psychosomatic illness. I found the hypnotherapy particularly valuable in getting to the root cause of many of my symptoms. 
She is also a kind and caring person who makes you feel supported, and was very accessible between sessions. 

Separation Issues 'Recommded by a friend -  so grateful'!
My son had suffered from separation issues for several years and often would get very anxious before going away with the school, scouts, anywhere without us, his parents. Louise was recommended very highly by a friend. My son was understandably nervous, but Louise took the time to explain everything thoroughly, allowing him to make decisions to help him throughout the hypnotherapy sessions, all which resulted in a very positive outcome. For the first time, he looked forward to going away without stressing and felt more in control of his feelings. For me, as his mother wondering whether I was doing the right thing for him, I would answer that with a very definite YES! 

Daughter so much happier - Am so relieved!
I can't thank Louise enough, I want to thank her for all what she has done for our daughter. I have seen a big change in her over the last few weeks after completing her treatment. I feel that I have my daughter back she is laughing and more positive about everything! Before seeing Louise I was very concerned about my daughters general well being. It was a very worrying and painful time for our family. Thankfully now after visiting Louise our daughter is now looking forward and not looking back! 

Careers Advice and Guidance - Professional support when it was needed
I have had only one session with Louise Levy, for careers coaching, and I have found it extremely helpful. Having felt completely lost, once deciding to change career, Louise was able to help discover my skill set and give direction on my career search. I no longer feel as though I’m searching for a needle in a haystack. 

Thank you for your guidance


Sleep Deprived - Desperate!
After a very desperate time, my Aunt had found Louise’s details on the internet and thought she was best suited to help my mum with the problems she had been suffering. My mum had been through sleepless nights, anxiousness and a childhood phobia related to her ear. 

Louise took the time to really understand what the issues were and then gave practical and sound advice. Louise was great atidentifying deeper rooted issues that my mum wasn’t even aware of and helped address them. 

The hypnotherapy was great and really worked for mum. It has felt like a long journey and Louise has been so patient and helped my mum’s confidence and self belief. We cannot thank her enough and I know that she is always there if we ever need her in the future. 

If you are suffering with any emotional difficulty I can highly recommend Louise and know you will get results and be a stronger person able to cope with anything in life. 

I understand myself so much better
Having seen Louise on a few occasions for different personal issues relating to stress, pain, alcohol and simply understanding myself better I can say with absolute confidence that her services have never let me down. Always professional, kind and so understanding with a wide knowledge of everything that I have taken in with me (emotionally speaking).

Thomas Wyatt-Minter - Transformative!
This has really transformed my life for the better. I now look forward to what each day brings.
And I embrace the future with a confident and positive attitude. 
Thank you Louise!
A lovely letter from an ex patient
Hi Louise,
I just thought I would send you a little e mail to say a big thank you for all the help you gave me at the beginning of this year. If someone told me a year ago how much better my life would be I would never of believed them! I can deal with stressful situations so much better than before. I can take deep breaths and stay calm, and think about my reactions and responses before I let myself get worked up for no reason. It's wonderful! I write things down as we discussed also, that really really helps me see things clearly and gives me time to relax before stressing! A calm life is a better and pain free life! I am so much more mindful of pretty much everything I say and do. Thank you so so much.


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